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Enhance Sales, Margins, and EBITDA by Aligning Your Strategic Plan with Your Customer's Needs

Collaborative for Cubes has deep research into your customer’s perspective. We know what moves them. We enable you to capitalize on their direct feedback and optimize your strategic focus. In this workshop, we will tell you what your customers want most from you.

B2B companies must capture customer value and demonstrably show its impact on shareholder value. To do this you need to understand who is your customer, what are their needs, and how can you fulfil those needs profitably to create shareholder value. This can be done by answering three fundamental questions:

  • What is customer value? Measure components of customer value, assign weights to them, and quantify perceived performance on each value component.
  • How should we deliver customer value? Learn how to identify and prioritize levers and invest resources for maximal impact
  • How can we translate customer value to shareholder value? Learn metrics to understand the impact of customer value on business value metrics such as sales, margins, and EBITDA

Participants will learn a systematic approach to answer these questions, and implement them immediately in their organization. Participants will receive exclusive access to an industry- specific benchmark study, created and trademarked by

Dates, Cost & Registration

Program Details

  • Dates: March 28-29, 2018
  • Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break (provided)
  • Location: Citycentre, Houston, TX
  • Includes: All course materials and costs associated with off-site workshop, certificate of completion, catered lunches, class polo, snacks, coffee, drinks

“Great paradigm shift to strategic thinking and financial accountability.” - Past Participant


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